The Sheriff of Calcutta

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The Sheriff is the Chief of a Shire. He may be hereditary or appointed by the Crown or State Government. His powers functions & jurisdictions are varied from time to time & from country to country.

In the year 1775 "The Sheriff" post was created in Bengal & the first Sheriff was James Marabey . The first Indian who was appointed for "The Sheriff of Calcutta " was Manakjee Rustomjee in 1874 (1st Row Left)The first Bengali who was appointed for "The Sheriff of Calcutta " was Raja Digamber Mitter appointed as ''in 1875 (1st Row Middle) . World famous historian & Doyen of Indian History, Dr, Ramesh Chandra Majumder was the Sheriff of Calcutta, 1968  (1st Row Right).   

Smt Suchitra Mitra, the famous bengali singer was the First LADY SHERIFF of Calcutta in 2001  (2nd Row Left). Dr. Swapankumar Ghosh, an eminent physician, a dedicated social worker who works for social & educational upliftment of downtrodden people & the editor of this site & book " The Sheriff of Calcutta (1774-2014) " was the  Sheriff of Calcutta in 2013 (2nd Row Middle). Ranjit Mallick, a renowned film actor is the current Sheriff of Calcutta, 2014  (2nd Row Right).

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